Warframe or How to Lose Yourself in an Original Sci-Fi MMO

warframe review

Digital Extremes – the developer behind cult hits like Unreal and Unreal Tournament – is back with a whole new experience known as Warframe. Described as a cooperative online third-person shooter with a sci-fi theme, the game puts you in control of ancient warriors known as the Tenno. These elite fighters awoke from their cryosleep only to find themselves pitted against rival factions in a war-torn, corrupted world.

The Tenno are the only ones with knowledge of Warframes – powerful armor suits with a bevy of unique abilities acting like biomechanical surrogates for the player. Obtained through crafting or from the in-game Market, these armors require Affinity to unleash their true power. Unlike other MMOs on the market, you will gain experience points (XP) for each frame, slowly unlocking their deadly arts. In other words, you will gain ranks (up to Rank 30) for each “class.” This is particularly interesting because it allows players to tackle challenges their way, by using archetypes such as defense or stealth, combining skills in coop, and much, much more.

Warframe is played with a third-person camera. Players are able to run, jump, slide and roll their way through gigantic levels. The best part about Digital Extermes’ new IP is arguably the freedom of movement compared to other MMOs: everything feels snappy, from the controls to the combat systems. Then there’s the whole universe which has been meticulously crafted to the pleasure of sci-fi fans.

Another thing to keep in mind about Warframe is how it doesn’t feel generic – at all. From the intricate design of the 25+ armors available in the game to the sheer amount of activities to take part in, there’s a lot to discover and enjoy in this game. At its core, Warframe is a very solid experience with an even better overarching concept. Its lightning-fast combat combined with procedurally generated levels means players will always have something new to see. Levels also have their own twists like security terminals to hack by solving simple puzzles. In-between missions, players travel in their own, customizable spaceship – another nice little touch.

Overall, Warframe is an MMO unlike any other on the market. With its colorful graphics and polished gameplay, it’s always a blast to kill monsters in this universe. The way you level up your warframes adds a lot of depth and replayability to the title. As an added bonus, Digital Extremes adds new content in a timely fashion. Indeed, the studio just released the biggest expansion ever for Warframe, intitled Plains of Eidolon – a major step for the game. Stay tuned for our review of this major content update!

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