War Thunder: Our Review of the Vehicular Combat MMO

war thunder review

Have you ever wanted to battle it out using aircraft, naval ships and ground forces in huge battlefields? Such is the premise of War Thunder, a combat MMO from Gaijin Entertainment. You will be fighting for domination on land, air and (eventually) sea with more than 800 vehicles. Players are sure to be delighted by the inclusion of many vehicles of such eras as the Cold War, the Spanish Civil War and, of course, World War II. Beneath the surface, there’s also a legitimate metric ton of useful information that will appeal to history buffs.

War Thunder offers many different modes, ranging from Realistic Battles to Arcade Battles, all with plenty of specific objectives to complete. If you’d rather fancy a steep learning curve, there’s also Simulator Battles with more restrictions like being forced into cockpit view. This mode is geared towards veteran players, acting like some kind of endgame once you master Arcade Battles.

Whether you’re buzzing through the skies with a torpedo bomber or trying to secure a strategic zone with a Panzer, playing War Thunder feels very real. The attention to detail is phenomenal – the developers spent a lot of time tweaking each vehicle’s stats in order to create an authentic experience. Models are also very convincing, something that elevates the game from its competitors.

Playing online is thrilling not only because the game looks great: it’s also a joy to discover the massive selection of vehicles at your disposal. With over 80 maps and cross-play using consoles, War Thunder is a complete package that is above the norm for a F2P MMO. Gaijin Entertainment delivered a game like none other, where you feel in total control. Ironically, this might also be intimidating at first since there’s a lot do master.

In a nutshell, War Thunder is the perfect fit if you are looking for a polished F2P game packed with accurate historical data. Its various modes offer something for everyone, from the new players to the experienced warmongers. As an added bonus, the developers are constantly adding in new features and addressing problems from the community.

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