Rocket League: 40 Million Players and Counting

40 million rocket league

Vehicular soccer game Rocket League recently achieved a new milestone with 40 million active players, Psyonix Studios announced on its official Twitter account.

Available on all platforms, Rocket League is a true success story in the gaming industry. From its first beta tests to the actual full release in 2015 first on PC and PlayStation 4, the game harnessed a lot of positive criticism. It’s best described as an addictive and very fun game that is original to boot.

Rocket League’s popularity also stems from the involvement of Psyonix: the studio is constantly pushing new updates for the game, such as new cars, arenas, decals and more. Players aren’t forced into micro-transactions since most of the unlocks are free, obtained by simply playing the game. Of course, there are crates requiring keys paid with real-world money, but the devs achieved a nice balance between paid and free content.

Recently released on Nintendo’s Switch, Rocket League continues to prove how a simple concept can result in one of the best online experiences. Learn more about the game on the official website.

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