PUBG Leaves Early Access, 1.0 Release Details Inside


It took almost a year, but PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is finally out of Early Access. Since its release as part of Steam’s beta program in March 2017, the game really took off to become a cult hit among players around the world.

For the first few weeks, PUBG players will be able to unlock an exclusive in-game reward:  a “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” t-shirt, obtained by simply logging in.

The new 1.0 patch “brings forth the best battle royale experience for our players”, according to developer Bluehole Studios.

Here’s a preview of the content available since the patch dropped:

  • Many Client and Server Optimizations
  • Better Replay Function (up to 1km around the character)
  • New Map: Miramar (desert)
  • 5 new weapons: DP-28 (Erangel exclusive), AUG A3, R45 (Miramar exclusive), Win94 (Miramar exclusive) and Sawed-Off (Miramar exclusive)
  • 3 new vehicles: Van (Miramar exclusive), Pickup (Miramar exclusive) and Aquarail (two-seat water vehicle)
  • And much more in the official patch notes

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