Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Set to Mimic PUBG?

counter-strike global offensive

With PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) being so successful, a lot of developers are working hard to bank on the Battle Royale fad. Epic Games and People Can Fly already added such a mode to their popular survival game Fortnite. Now, it seems like Valve is readying Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for such a treatment.

A new video by Valve News Network (VNN) puts Counter-Strike: Global Offensive under scrutiny again. A lot of curious details have been unearthed, dating all the way back to May 2016. That was before the commercialization of Battlegrounds, but PlayerUnknown had already wet its feet with DayZ: Battle Royale and H1Z1’s King of the Kill mode.

The patches discussed in the video put to light some new details about a possible survival mode for CS: GO. Here are some interesting tidbits found by VNN:

  • Compound bows
  • Armour (light and heavy)
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Parachutes, drones
  • Adrenaline shots
  • A new map set on an island

Valve could just be toying with some ideas, although adding so many references in patches raises suspicion. Since PUBG dethroned both CS:GO and DOTA 2 as the top game on Steam, Valve might try to fight back. The latest data puts PlayerUnknown’s Battlegroundat close to one million current players, with its peak at around 3 million. This is almost thrice what DOTA 2 achieved since 2013.

It remains to be seen if Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will enter the Battle Royale frenzy. It would make a lot of sense for Valve to capitalize on an emerging trend.

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